Suitable part to make your own remote control boat.

Equipped with motor, it provides RC boat with strong power.

High quality material has long service life and durable for long-term use.

It is light and flexible during operation.

It's convenient and easy for you to install.



Material: Plastic + Metal

Color: Black

Size: Approx. 5.75 * 1.25 * 1.5 inch

Weight: 4.5oz

Type: RC Part

Package Includes:

1 x  Turbo Jet

Type: Boat

Part:  LK 2838 4500 KV Brushless Motor             

Item in stock! Ready to ship from California. 

Suitable to use on RC boat.Best fit for boats under 15"

K V(RPM/Volt): 4500 K V 
Max current: 50 A 
Max watts: 600 W 
Max voltage: <12 V 
IO: 1.8 A 
Rotor poles: 4 
Resistance: 0.0285 
Diameter: 28 mm 
Length: 38 mm 
Shaft length: 15 mm 
Shaft diameter: 3.175 mm 
Weight: 3.35 oz 
Sensor : No 

LK 2016 RC Boat Turbo JET with 2838 4500KV Brushless Motor -Black